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Beautiful Majestic Instant Hijab

$ 8.00 $ 14.95

• Easy-to-wear Instant Pull-on 1 piece Hijab
• Over 1,600 Rhinestones
• Ultra-Silky 2-way Stretch Lycra Fabric
• Large Size Fit but Average Length

The Majestic Hijab is a beautiful 1 piece ultra-silky instant pull-on amira hijab. It features a double flower appliqué with a double ring component as the centerpiece on the left-hand side accented with a radial pattern of 1,600+ 2mm rhinestones. Additionally, another 90 2mm Rhinestones embellish the forehead panel.

The 1-piece Majestic Amira Hijab resembles the 2-piece version, but the 'headband' forehead section is sewn directly into a continuous seam along the hood (head and neck covering) opening for the face. The cool, stretchy, ultra-lightweight and silky lycra fabric is a luxurious polyester/Spandex blend, which does not add bulk and you can hardly feel it on. 

Size Consideration: The face opening is 10.5" (flat) and the nature of the ultra-silky lycra make this a perfect hijab for ladies who need a large hijab. Girls and Petite Ladies may need to add a cap or a hijab pin due to the large size of the hijab.

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