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Red Lace Caps with Flip Side Plain Lycra Tube Cap

$ 6.95

The White tube cap is not included, it is only for photography purpose.

The 2-in-1 Lace Tube Hijab Cap has a wide panel of gorgeous lace attached to a Lycra tube hijab cap. This versatile cap may be worn with the bare lace against the forehead, or the cap can be flipped around the plain Lycra panel, and be worn against the forehead; or, both layers can be worn overlapping, with the lace on top of the plain Lycra panel. The band of lace runs 5" to 6" wide and the lace is superior quality with an intricate design and a lovely scalloped edge.

The Lycra Tube Hijab Cap is shaped like a tube with two open ends. It is Lycra/polyester blend, so it is stretchy, light and comfortable. The fabric surface has a matte, non-shiny finish.

Tube Hijab Caps help scarves and shawls stay in place, keep hair from slipping out, and add a lovely accent of color with the ever-popular layered look. Muslim women can expand their hijab wardrobe by keeping a set of different colors on hand. Mix and match them with scarves and shawls.

The 2-in-1 Lace Tube Hijab Cap is pictured with a cotton tube under-scarf hijab cap underneath so you can see the lace details. The cotton tube under-scarf hijab cap is not included with the 2-in-1 lace tube cap and is sold separately.

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